Sunday, February 21, 2010

Edm 310 entry 5

When I was in high school I never knew why my teachers wouldn't allow us to use Wikipedia. After reading this it explained it all. Any one can go in and change your ideas as well as your entries. It is a good thing that the person who developed the site is able to see made edits to his or her site.
It is surprising to see the different corporations, religious groups and different areas of the government that have made changes to this cite.

Scanner Tracks Who's Changing What on Wikipedia
I heard that it is possible to trace someone one the computer from the numbers on their computer, but WOW. The way this guy came up with this method is awesome.
They did a great job at explaining exactly how Virgil Griffith's Wiki Scanner works. The scanner is a great tool that helps to protect the original creator of a page, if something inappropriate is put on his or her page. The creator is not held liable for something they did not do

This article was about Virgil Griffith's new invention, "Wiki Scanner" that is able to track those who edit information on Wikipedia via their IP addresses. I thought this was an interesting article. It interested me to learn about someone having the imagination and time to put such a great tool together. It shows that u can not believe everything you read or hear.
I must say i did trust the Wikipedia site for searching for information in and out of the classroom. After reading these different cites has made me search a little farther than the just the first result that pops up, which is always Wikipedia. From now on i will be looking farther down the page when I'm doing searches.

What Ive learned this year
Mr. McClung's blog was very interesting. I enjoyed the different topics he had. I think the best way to have a successful first year of teaching is to hear from someone who has just completed their first year. If you get advice from someone who has been teaching for many years the children have changed over time. Someone who has just completed their first year is able to tell you how the students behave. This blog was very informative and had many great points. I can say i really enjoyed it.


  1. In high school I all ask my teacher why we couldn't use Wikipedia, but as i read the article, I found out why they didn't like us using Wikipedia for a references. To tell you the truth I still use Wikipedia, its hard not to use it. Wikipedia is a great starter for research. I also agree with you its cool how the scanner works and tracks everything that goes on.

  2. Wikipedia can be very useful. Just make sure your brain is on and you keep your eyes open.

    It's not just the kids who change "over time." It's the teacher as well!