Saturday, March 6, 2010

Edm 310 entry 7

Richard Miller's "This is How We Dream"

I think it was a great presentation. The presentation focused on composing with text, with using many different forms of media. Instead of just using a simple text document. He stated it would quickly be disregarded. According to Miller, students will compose with not only text but with audio, still images, photographs, and movies in order to produce compositions that is in Miller's words are both "beautiful and compelling".

Miller's presentation was so interesting, I really enjoyed it. I do think my students will be able to use this with the right instructions.

Watch The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler

The video on the networked student was every eye opening. When I read the title I was wondering what it meant then after seeing the video it became clear to me about what it means to become a networked student. I really like the idea of reaching out to the students with the use of technology. I liked how Drexler emphasized the importance of the connections that were being made by students.

Yes i think i am ready to become a teacher of a networked student. In previous blogs that we have seen it displayed the teachers as being the students, I think that would help us as teachers better communicate with the students.