Sunday, January 31, 2010

EDM 310 entry 3

Media Literacy in the First Grade
I am very impressed to see that these really are first graders. You would never think that first graders would be able to do this. With the technology that is available anything is possible. When I was in the first grade I was practicing cursive hand writing not doing a blog for the world to see.
The children knew about the different topics and they were able to explain what media literate meant. I am still stuck on the fact that they are in the first grade. I really enjoyed the video. It goes to show how much technology is changing and how we all need to adapt.

Kid Cast
This pod cast was very entertaining. I found this podcast very informative. I was surprised how he handled the different questions. I actually enjoyed listening to this podcast. I thought he helped me understand the basics of a podcast. He stated "that the teachers need to be proactive" I agree with him This is a very important goal for teachers to take.

Ed Tech Talk
I found it interesting that Robert actually interviewed Danielle and Marley about pod casting. It shows the many ways pod casting could be used. It gave a lot of great information. Danielle explained the social relationships through pod casting, I was impressed by that. She even used Net Flicks as a teaching tool. Robert explained micromanaging in classrooms, I liked that part. Although I went to a small school I was offered micromanaging, and it was very informative.

Little Kids... Big Potential
I enjoyed the part of the video about the children using the smart board. It is amazing how children are using more technology to learn in the classrooms. That is awesome from when i graduated a few years ago. These children are using so many things that when i was in school they were only for the teachers to use. The teachers that are including all this new technology is not only helping themselves they are also helping the students become more acting in education.
It is helping the children learn in a different approach. I enjoyed this video, I was impressed at the knowledge all these children had about the new technology that is changing everyday. I think if more teachers embraced this new style of teaching, then students would be more excited about school and want to come to and learn. When I was in school and I was able to use my Nintendo DS, in class my mother wouldn't have had to fuss me out of the bed so many mornings.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

EDM Entry 2

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

This was a very interesting. I actually liked this one because it in my opinion was true. Sometimes when you are in a big lecture classroom many things go through your mind. I know for myself things that have nothing to do with the subject is going through my mind. The time I have left in the class and the other things I have to do is what I'm thinking about.

The movie does capture my college experience as far as a large lecture class room goes. If I was the director of this movie, I would have first had the teacher teaching and then show the class doing their own thing while the lecture is being brought forth. Then I would start the music and show the class with their notes. This would be my way of showing what the students had on their mind while the teacher was up lecturing.

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

I agree with the post, education isn't all about technology. The educational community does need an overall change in teaching. With the advances in technology and everyone having access to technology, teaching should not only be focused on pen and paper but also the advances in the technological world.

I think teacher should want to include technology into the classrooms. They should be able to teach it as well as be taught using this method. Sometimes because students spend more time on it than teachers, the teachers should be willing to learn form the students if they get in a jam on the internet.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

EDM 310 Entry 1

Did You Know?

I thought this video was very informative. While I was watching, I started thinking about the information that was being presented. The more I watched I began to think "Where are they getting this information from?" I think the video is full of statistics. It made me think more about the video, was it true or was it done to make people think about the world around us.

I think this video was made from statistics. I enjoyed the information that was presented. I think it was made to make people who saw it think and I did just that. Is it making the viewers think about true or false statements is the question that I am asking?

Mr. Winkle Wakes

After seeing Mr. Winkle Wakes, it makes me think about the way education is being taught in the schools. For Mr. Winkle to wake up after 100 years and the only thing that has not changed was the delivery of education, something is very wrong with that. I think there should be a different type of delivery other than the same old presentation that has been used for many years. I think there should be a different type of delivery other than the same old style of lecturing. The students should be more hands on and learning should be fun for them.

In the video it shows how technology has also changed over 100 years. It talks about how people are able to speak with one another through the computer and how machines printed out pictures. Then he went to the hospital and realized there was technology there also. The technology that he saw was helping to keep people alive and taking pictures of their bones. This makes me wonder what is more important advances in technology or education?

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

This video was long and boring, sad to say. Although it had some good points. Mr. Robinson's main focus was to talk about education helping and not minimizing student's creativity in schools. He thinks creativity and literacy should hold the same status. Kids will try anything and are not afraid of being wrong. People are born with creativity it is not something learned. Creativity comes from the different ways people see things around them.

Mr. Robinson stated that all of the school systems around the world have the same subjects. Some schools put more emphasis on certain subjects. He thinks the subjects that allow students to be creative have no value in the schools anymore. He also thinks degrees no longer have any value. I agree with the things he said about the importance of creativity. If someone was not being creative we would not have the things we use everyday. Schools should put a little more emphasis on the arts in schools, they would be surprised what the students are capable of doing.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis, shows that you do not have to live in a big city or even be a super star to do something that will change the lives of many people all over the world. She is only a teacher and the IT director at her school who uses different ways of technology to connect her students the people around the world. She believes there are many ways to learn besides the usual way of paper and pin. She also travel the world talking about what she does as a full time teacher. Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsey founded the global project Diji Teen, which allowed students from around the world to study digital citizenship.

I support everything that Vicki Davis has done to improve her student's knowledge of technology. Technology is changing and improving everyday. I think if more teachers allowed their students to teach once in a while then the classes would be more interactive as well as fun. I think if more teachers would do more to help the students learn school would no longer be considered boring.