Saturday, February 27, 2010

Edm 310 entry 6

Dr. Christie’s site
This website was very informational. Dr. Christie has included lecture notes on many topics that can be helpful to a new teacher when considering different aspects of technology in the classroom. I enjoyed Digital Pencil in my Portfolio. This application enables the teacher to incorporate a lesson plan that will be completed by the students completely digitally. They have a worksheet to complete along with all research material needed for the lesson. This could be used for all grades.

I have found all of the links to be useful to me. Considering the fact that I am new to teaching and the technology changes every year. I enjoyed the site very much.

iTunes University
I was amazed to see how iTunes is being used for more than just music. This is different to me. After seeing the video it has opened my eyes to the many things iTunes is capable of doing, besides music. Now that I have found out that iTunes has a way of showing lectures online, I am thinking about taking online classes.

I am going into secondary education and that consist of 6-12 grade. As a teacher I would use I-tunes U in my classroom not just for my absent students but also for students want the extra lectures. It could be used to expose students to a college level lecture.

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