Thursday, April 22, 2010

week 10

Morgan Bayda/Dan Brown
This form of education rebellion could become more main stream in the future. If we as future educators do not present our lessons that is attention grabbing or interesting to the students. Presentation is not only the key, the information itself needs to be interesting itself. I think it should incorporate the knowledge of technology and the new ways of learning the students will need for their future. I believe this trend in technology will spark charter schools in our near future.

Dan Brown states that education, knowledge, and the liberated highway of information available today is free to all. This is far from the truth. Who pays for this child's computer and accessories that allows him to create his broadcast, who pays for his internet connection, who supplies him with an environment where he can video? Most likely his means comes from his parents or guardian. Not all parents have the means to make this available to their children. Nothing in life is free.

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  1. I completely agree!! I think that teachers need to make their information not only informative, but fun as well. I think if this is done, children will be more motivated to learn. It is true, presentation IS the key!